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Below is a list accompanied by a brief description of the courses we offer complete with current prices. We hope you will find this information useful. Because of the personal nature of Motorcycle rider Training, We encourage you to call us with any queries you may have. Please click on the live buttons for more detailed information about the law and your entitlements.

As the name suggests, this is an introduction to motorcycling designed to give the absolute novice a feel for what it is to ride a Motorcycle. It will help you to decide if in fact Motorcycling is for you, as well as build your confidence and prepare you well for a CBT.

Course Duration 1 Hour

Course Content: Introduction to the Motorcycle, Coordination exercises, moving off and braking in a straight line, circuits left and right, gear change (if applicable) slow speed control.

Course Requirements: Participants must be proficient on a pedal cycle.

Course Cost: £40.00

CBT can be taken on either an automatic or geared motorcycle and will enable most riders, who have some previous experience of riding, to complete the course in the same day. However, if you have never ridden before, we recommend taking the icebreaker.

Course Duration 5 Hours

Course Requirements: Participants must have a full or provisional licence with valid entitlements, a basic understanding of the UK highway code and be proficient on a pedal cycle.

(if you have done a CBT previously and are renewing) Cost £120.00 (Own Bike) - £130 (Our Bike)

(if you have little or no experience) Cost £140.00

Fixed price CBT guaranteed pass without further cost. (Conditions apply) Cost £180.00

Please note CBT Students are paying for a place on a course, we cannot guarantee completion on the same day, and may need to return at extra cost as everybody learns at different speeds. However, we are able to offer a fixed fee course which will guarantee you to complete without additional cost. If you are unsure, provided you have some experience, the £140 booking should suffice.

This course is for those who wish to further their skills in order to pass the first part of The Motorcycle Test (module one) The training will take place off road on the appropriate bike and will prepare you for the Module One Test.

Course Duration 3 Hours

Course requirement: Participants must have a valid CBT and and recent experience on a relevant Machine (geared or automatic

Course Cost: £100.00

This Course is for those who wish to further their skills in order to pass the second part of the motorcycle Test (module 2) to gain a full Motorcycle Licence. Training takes place on the road on the appropriate bike and will prepare you for the Module 2 Test.

Course Duration 3Hours.

Course requirement: As above

Course Cost: £100.00

These courses are for those age 24+ who wish to gain a full motorcycle licence intensively within a short period and consist of the above Modular 1 and 2 training but done over several days. The 1+2+1 means 1 day alone the 2 days together and the final day is done separately, this structure ensures a safety net allowing further practice to be incorporated at the customers request. This ensures the student never arrives for test unprepared.

Course Duration: 3, 4 or 5 days

Course Requirement: Participants must be age 24, have Previous experience on geared or Auto bikes respectively and a Valid Theory Test Pass certificate.

3 Day Direct Access

Ideal for those currently riding a geared motorcycle or with very recent experience.

Course Duration: 3 Days (2+1)

Course Content: Day 1 Module 1 tuition Day 2 Module 2 tuition and Module 1 test Day 3 Module 2 tuition and Module 2 Test.

Course Requirements: Participants must have valid CBT, Theory pass certificate Cat A and recent experience experience on a geared motorcycle.

Course Cost: £595.00

4 Day Direct Access

Ideal for those who have previous experience of riding a geared or automatic motorcycle and in need of a CBT.

Course Duration: 4 Days (1+2+1)

Course Content: Day 1, CBT. Day 2 Module 1 Tuition. Day 3, Module 2 Tuition and Module 1 Test. Day 4 Module 2 Tuition and Module 2 Test.

Course Requirement: Must have a valid theory pass certificate Cat A

Course Cost: £695.00

5 Day Direct Access

Ideal For Beginners who ideally have some previous experience on a geared or automatic motorcycle.

Course Duration and arrangement: 5 Days (1+2+2)

Course content: Day 1, CBT. Day 2, Further road practice on 125cc bike and introduction to the larger Motorcycle. Day3, Module 1 tuition. Day 4, Module 2 tuition and Module 1 Test. Day 5 Module 2 Tuition and Module 2 Test.

Course Requirements: Must have a valid theory pass certificate Cat A.

Course Cost: £795.00

This course is for Students who are between 19 and 23 years of age and therefore unable to participate in the unrestricted Direct Access scheme. On completion of an A2 Training Course and Test, you will be able to ride a restricted motorcycle of up to 47bhp. If you wish to ride more powerful machines, you will need to wait 2 years and resit the Module 1 and 2 Tests, or, if you reach 24 before your two years on the A2 licence is completed you may resit both riding tests on an A class motorcycle and obtain an unrestricted category A licence .

Course Suitability, requirements, content and Costs are exactly the same as Direct Access above except that the tuition is done on a 47bhp machine and the end result is a licence restricted to 47 bhp. <?p>

These Courses are for Students age 17+, conducted on a 125cc Machine and on passing both tests will give you a full Motorcycle licence retricted to 125cc. Courses are structured the same as Direct Access but can be made more flexible and often cheaper due to the fact that Candidates can present for test unsupervised. Cost for these courses will depend on availability. Please call for further information.