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Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

CBT can be taken on either an automatic or geared motorcycle and will enable most riders, who have some previous experience of riding, to complete the course in the same day. However, if you have never ridden before, we recommend taking the icebreaker.

Course Duration 5 Hours

Course Requirements: Participants must have a full or provisional licence with valid entitlements, a basic understanding of the UK highway code and be proficient on a pedal cycle.

(if you have done a CBT previously and are renewing) Cost £120.00 (Own Bike) - £130 (Our Bike)

(if you have little or no experience) Cost £140.00

Fixed price CBT guaranteed pass without further cost. (Conditions apply) Cost £180.00

Please note CBT Students are paying for a place on a course, we cannot guarantee completion on the same day, and may need to return at extra cost as everybody learns at different speeds. However, we are able to offer a fixed fee course which will guarantee you to complete without additional cost. If you are unsure, provided you have some experience, the £140 booking should suffice.