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A1 Restricted

A1 Licence Details

If however, you want to carry a passenger or wish to ride on motorways or motorway class roads then you will need to pass your DSA riding test on a motorcycle of between 120 and 125 ccs as specified above. Before taking your practical tests however, you will have to take and pass the Motorcycle Theory and Hazard Perception test.

At Stadium Rider Training, you will be riding Yamaha YBR125 motorcycles or, if you wish to take an A1 Automatic licence, the Yamaha CygnusX 125 cc scooter.

Once you have passed both parts of the Practical riding tests you will be able to remove your ‘L’ plates, carry a passenger and ride on motorways. You will not however, be able to ride any motorcycle larger than 125 ccs or producing more than 11kw or a motor tricycle producing more than 15kw.

Once you have held a full A1 category licence for two years, you may, at age 19 or over, under the rules for ‘Progressive Access’, elect to upgrade to an A2 category licence. If you wait for the full two years you will not need to have a valid theory test. If however, you choose to upgrade your licence having passed the minimum age of 19 but not having held the A1 licence for a full two years, you must have a valid theory test to proceed to take the A2 licence.

Please note, that should you hold an A1 category licence and wish to upgrade to a Full category A (unrestricted ) licence on reaching the minimum age of 24 years, irrespective of how long you have held the A1 licence you will have to have a valid Motorcycle Theory test as moving from the A1 to A licence is not permissible under ‘Progressive Access’.