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A2 Restricted

A2 Licence details

At Stadium Rider Training, you will be riding Suzuki GS500E motorcycles producing 46.6 bhp. As you will be riding a motorcycle of greater than 125 ccs, you must undertake all training with a DSA Approved Training Body and be under radio supervision with an accredited DAS approved Instructor at all times when on the road.

You must take your two DSA practical tests within two years of passing your Theory test on a motorcycle of more than 395 ccs with a power output of between 25 kw (33bhp) and 35 kw (46.6 bhp). A motorcycle may be restricted to meet this output but it cannot be restricted beyond 50% of its power. Therefore, the maximum output of any bike that can be restricted is 70 kw (93 bhp). A list of motorcycles meeting the A2 Category restriction can be found at . Once you have successfully passed your A2 test you will be restricted to A2 motorcycles shown on the list. You will be able to remove your ā€˜Lā€™ plates, carry a passenger and ride on motorways.

Once an A2 licence has been held for a full two years you may, if you wish, retake both practical tests on a motorcycle that meets the requirement for a Full category A licence. If you reach the age of 24 before a full two years has elapsed on your A2 licence, you may still take the Full category A licence but you will need to have a valid Motorcycle Theory and Hazard Perception test pass certificate.

It should be noted that since 19th January 2013, the A2 licence does not mature into a Full category A licence and that to ride motorcycles of that category you must pass the Full category A tests.